Copa Furia Roja: [1-2p] XXL Brazilian Eco-Hammock w/ Fringes [100%Organic Cotton] Handmade

Copa Furia Roja: [1-2p] XXL Brazilian Eco-Hammock w/ Fringes [100%Organic Cotton] Handmade

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149,90  VAT included

Classic Brazilian Double XXL Eco-Hammock with Decorative Fringes [100% Organic Cotton] Handmade in Brazil


The COPA Furia Roja is a high-quality double hammock made of pure organic cotton. Traditional handicraft, quality, and exceptional comfort all rolled into one. Thanks to a diagonally flexible weave, the fabric of this hammock really follows the contours of your body, providing you with unique comfort. Skillfully made decorative fringes and macramé between fabric and the many suspension cords are not only typical for hammocks from Brazil, they also create a very even distribution of weight.

  • Cotton from organic production – Fair treatment of humans and nature alike: Organic cotton is not only more eco-friendly than conventional cotton, it also is very soft to the touch and easy to care for.
  • Traditional fringes – The so-called verandah is a typical trademark of high-quality hammocks from Brazil. Especially the hammock towns in the north of Brazil take pride in their beautifully handcrafted fringes on the edges of the lying surface.
  • Brazilian macramé – Created by meticulous handiwork, the macramé between lying surface and suspension not only serves decorative purposes: by skillfully connecting the warp threads, our hammock artisans create an optimal distribution of weight making you feel virtually weightless.
  • Stretchable lying surface – Due to a diagonally flexible weave, the fabric is extremely smooth and supple, thus creating unique comfort.
  • High number of suspension cords – The more suspension cords you can count, the better the load distribution between fabric and suspension. This creates a hammock of unique comfort.
  • Machine-washable – Machine-washable at 30° C, gentle cycle
  • Approx. Lying surface: 230 x 160 cm
  • Total length: 350 cm
  • max. Load Capacity: 160 Kg

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Suitable for

Single, Single XL, Single XXL, Double, Double XL, Double XXL

≈ Load Capacity

160 kg

≈ Space Required (min.)

310 cm

≈ Dimensions & Weight

350 (230) x 160 cm / 1.7 kg


Lounger/XXL, 100% Cotton, Classic/Traditional, with Fringes/Decorations

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Materials & Specs

100% cotton (organic) density=330g/m²


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